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    Dogwood- all I can say is WOW!

    I send my friend an email asking if she would share her experience from several years ago with the Vernon police, a soccer mom and the A&P. I don't recall the details enough to post it on my own. It all turned out well at the end.

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    It shouldn't be surprising. Nonconforming brings attention and suspicion. People don't walk alongside busy highways normally hand carrying grocery bags and wearing a full backpack, particularly in NJ.

    Vernon Valley Ski Resort(they've changed ownership so may have been renamed) had already been making snow so were economically buzzing with out of town somewhat aristocratic wealthy skiers which are important to Vernon's local economy, almost certainly more so than AT backpackers. I think I recall having it mentioned the local real estate market is heavily influenced by seasonal winter vacation home ownership and rentals. The resort had just opened for the season. There were quite a few families observed at the resort so largely it was a family oriented atmosphere not a single goetteed man walking wearing a backpack scene.

    Additionally, backpacking crowds in some areas are not well received. As backpackers we should be aware our own behaviors creates a negative or positive impression for those that follow in our footsteps. That's why I regularly refer to a larger whole. Backpacking does not have to be approached as an imposition of a self indulgent 'vacation' experience. I was considering these things during that LE encounter.

    Jack Tarlin "Baltimore Jack" despite his imperfections and peccadillos was good at reminding the AT community of our responsibilities. He made a positive lasting impression on many, including myself. I consider myself fortunate to have take away many positives from Baltimore early on in that thru hike.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stephanD View Post
    Dang....I know it is illegal in NY, Did not know it is illegal in NJ. When i hiked NJ in 2015, everybody hitchhiked to Vernon back and forth from the trail.
    Not illegal in New York.
    "It's fun to have fun, but you have to know how." ---Dr. Seuss

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    Quote Originally Posted by Feral Bill View Post
    Not illegal in New York.

    It is in fact not illegal, as the law states that one can stand on the shoulder and solicit a ride. However I was unable to hitch a single ride thru New Jersey OR New York. Walked all the way from the Dutchess to the trail when I went thru there

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