I'm looking to buy a printer to be able to print my own postcards, and be able to print them on the traditionally thick postcard paper, and not just a flimsy photo type postcard that's the same size. I'm not looking for anything particular in the printer like price, speed, weight ect. except quality and borderless printing. I'd like to be able print on both sides even if I have to run them through twice.

I've been searching online and most of my searches just direct me to links where I can have my design printed for xx$$ per postcard. I've found a couple printers that print that size like the 'Canon - Selphy CP1300' and then more expensive photo printers like the "DNP DS620A" but I'm not sure either print on the thicker paper.

Just wondering if anybody is familiar and might be able to help point me in the right direction. I'll definitely spend the extra $ for a quality product rather then going for the cheapest option.