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    Default Chester Gap Road VA610 parking

    Can I park at the trailhead at the end of VA610, hike up to and access the AT? Anyone familiar with this trailhead? I know terrapin station is right there. maybe park there? getting a hike squared away for next week. Thanks for any help!

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    Some rise......some fall..........some get to terrapin...

    (and sorry i dont know the answer to your question.)

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    Found this from SNP:

    Still accurate? Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by chknfngrs View Post
    Found this from SNP:

    Still accurate? Thanks!
    I would think so. These things don't generally change. Still a half mile walk up to the AT, but it's an easy one.
    The AT - It has it's ups and downs...

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    I want to say that a business on the front royal sie of 552 allows parking if that helps any.

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