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    Default Jim Murray (Secret) Cabin

    So what is the real gouge on whether the cabin is available or not??
    Located at MM1344.4 near Unionville NY; The 2015 AT Thru Hikers Companion listed it as available still; the 2018 AWOL doesn't mention it.
    The shelter forum talks about it (Secret Cabin") but isn't clear.

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    I stayed in the Secret Shelter on May 28 of this year (2018) It was great. The shelter has electricity, heat and it was completely enclosed. Water at a pump was potable and plentiful. There is an outside shower at another building a short walk across a field. The privy wasn't too good even by AT standards, but hey, you can't have everything.

    Jim Murray stopped by to talk to me and a nicer guy you'll never meet. He told me he thru-hiked thirty years ago and bought 85 acres of land afterwards to settle on. He doesn't live there anymore, but has a cabin that he uses when he stays on the property occasionally. He likes hikers and provides everything I mentioned above for their use. This is not an ATC shelter. It's on Jim's property and he maintains it. Jim told me the ATC wants to buy the property to move the AT. That would get the trail off of some wetlands that can be problematic. However, as Jim tells the story, the ATC want to take down the shelter and replace it with a three sided shelter, and he said he won't agree to that, so he won't sell. Anyway, that's what he told me.

    I don't understand why more hikers don't use the shelter. It's a short walk down a road to reach it and for what it offers, it sure seems worth it. I spent the night alone at the shelter when I was there.
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    Default Jim Murray (Secret) Cabin

    It is mentioned in Whiteblaze Pages 2018, on page 132.

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    Strife and I stopped by 2 weeks ago. The cabin is open and available.
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