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    Default Section Hike part II

    I'd like to section hike from Hanover, NH to Glencliff in the second week of October. I'm about 1-2mile/hr hiker, planning on 5-6 days. However, I'd like to hike this trip with my 35 pound dog. Is this feasible or advisable or possible? I know that dogs aren't welcome in the shelters, but tenting is possible? How busy is the AT here this time of year?

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    There are limited tent sites at each of the shelters. I doubt it will be very busy, you might be alone most nights during the week. This section will probably be a lot harder on you then the dog. The only real question is what will be weather be like. If it's nice it will be a good hike, if the weather is bad, it will be hell.
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