Hello WhiteBlaze CDT friends,

Earlier this year I posted for advice on doing a section hike of the CDT. Well, I survived! (barely). Out of it came a new book I just published, Evergreen Dreaming: Tail Tales of an Aging Hiker. It's available here:


It concerns section hikes on the AT and CDT over the last five years, with several mentions of WhiteBlaze. I won't give away what's in it (maybe it will entice you to buy the book!), all I'll say is that the CDT part was an eye-opener.

Matt Angerer, the real "Katz" from A Walk in the Woods, says he likes it better than James Brown's Live at the Apollo album. Not sure my book is worthy of such high praise, but I'll take it! Anyway, I hope you'll check it out. Not to brag, but since you all know serious hiking, I think you'll enjoy it.

Thanks everyone, and if you could spread the word, I'd be very grateful!