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    Interesting. Good to hear. I love my Divide 4500. It feels/carries better than any Zpacks, ULA, GoLite, Osprey pack I have ever tried or had. The only downside is it weighs north of 3.5 pounds. I'm not ultralight, but am lightweight.
    I'm a bit late to this thread but currently on the hunt for a new pack, moving on from an HMG Southwest. I want something with more volume and weight capacity and was considering the ULA Ohm 2.0 or the Divide/Gila. Care to share more your thoughts on comparing these? I am lightweight, but will occasionally throw a bottle of whiskey or someone's tent if need be, so volume is a consideration.

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    I had an Ohm 2.0. Great pack! But for me it was redundant with my Zpacks Arc Haul. I never liked rain covers so I stuck with my arc haul.

    Ohm vs Arc Haul, focused on Ohm...

    Ohm advantages:
    - comfort up to 30 lbs... super comfy!
    - Ohm water bottle pockets were awesome!
    - ohm front mesh pocket was easier to stuff when main pack body was full

    Ohm disadvantages:
    - not waterproof/seam sealed. Needs a
    - smaller volume main compartment compared to Arc Haul

    Bottom line - thereís a reason the Ohm is so popular

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