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    Trailstars a fav of the UK crowd. Big open exposed spaces, high winds, rain, etc. Tons of space underneath to spread out and hunker down or with a dog. Takes winds well. Adaptable to quick tweaking of door direction in swirling winds. In the hands of someone in the know in those type conditions they can be ideal. Some UK vids amply demonstrate the huge upside in flexibility of config and possible combinations with inner bug nets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pastor Bryon View Post
    And the pictures. For reference, I have a Borah Gear bivy that I had him make it about 6 inches shorter than regular length.

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    So whats your opinion on the Cricket after having a little time under it?

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    Unfortunately, I have not had it out on the trail yet in this particular setup. Here's what I can share:

    - my bivy doesn't fit perfectly within it, but it is still pretty easy to clip in and go to sleep. It isn't hard to make it fit and feel comfortable
    - I really like the space underneath and the "front porch" feeling of the opening. I felt totally protected from the elements while still being able to observe things outside.
    - If it is buggy, be prepared for a small horde to gather under the center pinnacle. But never gave me any grief while in the bivy
    - If non-buggy environment, put down a footprint, pad, and your quilt/bag and you are all set. I'm 5'7 so no claustrophobia at all or brushing up against the walls.
    - Soooo easy to set up. With a handful of practice sessions, you'll know how you want to lay it out, stake it down, and what height to put the pole at
    - The footprint doesn't take up as much space as I thought it might. Not much different than setting up a tarp and bivy
    - Be prepared to still have to crouch down to get inside it, but no different than a tarp setup in an A-frame, plus you can sit up much easier once inside
    - For a solo hiker or solo with a pet, this is plenty of space to spread out without needing lots of space to set up.

    Hope that helps some. If there is a particular question/angle you are curious about, lemme know.

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    Thank-you, it was very helpful! I'm glad to hear its roomy enough for me & my dog. The Cricket has been on my radar for a while. Thank-you for the information.

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