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    Quote Originally Posted by Gambit McCrae View Post
    Salty I will be doing the AT portion of the LT starting about Sept 3rd, have to get thru 50 miles of mass first(starting Sept 1st).
    Have fun, unfortunately Iím not able to do the LT now as canít get enough time.....TRT it is....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slo-go'en View Post
    Not only is the top half of Vermont insanely difficult, daylight hours are getting short and that will cut into your mileage. 1 MPH is a typical pace for the top half of the LT. To E2E the LT, your looking at 3-4 weeks.

    Also keep in mind that outside the National Forest land, camping is restricted to designated sites only and tenting at many of these sites is limited or non-existent. In general, the LT is not very tent friendly. I typically carry just a bivy sack for emergencies. It's easier to find a place just big enough to lay down on, then it is to set up a tent. Just hope it don't rain that night. Collage groups are at every site in early September. Typically they find someplace near the shelter to set up a big tarp they all sleep under, which farther complicates things

    I would not recommend bringing a dog. You will have to carry him up or down some places which you need both hands to hold onto rocks and trees.
    How's the dog at climbing aluminum ladders?

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    Or how about getting up this? Yes, that's the trail!
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    There are some really scary parts of the trail on Camels Hump and Mt Mansfield too.

    Other then that, September is a great time on the LT. It will get really nippy towards the end of September too. Frost is very likely, maybe even snow if you go NOBO.
    It sounds like a hammock shelter might be a good fit for the LT. Does that sound reasonable? I tend to prefer a hammock over a bivy.

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