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    Quote Originally Posted by gpburdelljr View Post
    Thatís a pretty cynical view of people volunteering their time. I think most people are basically honest.
    If they are volunteering, then whatís the $15 for?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tundracamper View Post
    If they are volunteering, then what’s the $15 for?
    Read my original post. The caretaker at Grey Knob does get paid but the rest of the club doesn't except for the trail crew which is definitely not a moneymaker. During the busy season volunteers will help out at Crag Camp. The camps are all in alpine terrain and the high usage requires special handling of human waste. The caretaker gets paid to work to shovel and process crap which tends to limit the number of folk interested in volunteering. Gray Knob is operated year round and kept minimally heated in winter. The wood is flown up via helicopter. Short term and long term maintenance to the facilities are also high and that needs to be funded somehow.

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    While the RMC has a paid trail crew to do the heavy lifting, we also have volunteer work parties, primarily for brushing and blazing of trails. Mostly its just a few of us who live in town, but anyone is welcome if you want to help out and meet some nice folks.
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