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Thread: Base Weight

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    Quote Originally Posted by TwoRoads View Post
    I'm seriously considering the Zpacks ArcBlast AND the Solplex tent
    I returned a Solplex and bought an Altaplex instead. Just not enough room in the Solplex for me (6'1", 185).. a weight penalty I'm OK with
    I opted for the Arc Haul vs Arc Blast, a weight penalty, but the Haul fabric is more robust and can take more abuse.
    There comes a point of diminishing returns, and I want to be comfortable #1 (my pad is a BA Q-Core SLX wide...far from the lightest pad, but pretty darn cushy for its weight!)

    I could see myself going stoveless on short trips, but not a thru.

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    Your points on the tent and pack are well-taken. I looked at the other packs, even to looking at the two zippered ones, and between the ArcBlast and the ArcHaul, I'm torn. I do like the added durability as a trade for the 3 extra ounces. I don't think I need the extra volume, but I could easily be underestimating that, especially considering my 22 pound total weight is SUMMER weight, and during my 10-day hike in mid-April, I had 5 extra pieces of layers. As far as the tent, the extra 6 inches in width with the AltaPlex would be welcome as a trade-off for the 2 extra ounces. I don't think I need the extra height as much as the extra width being nice. So I'm weighing the differences and hoping to be able to see some of the Zpacks product line at Trail Days in Damascus (they will be there).

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