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    Default day/overnight locations near rv parks

    Hello everyone,
    Be gentle, first post

    Some background:

    My late 70s mother has always wanted to hike the AT. She's been a hiker and skier all her life, and is doing 8-10mile walks to prepare (though mostly flat ground). awesome. I'm full-time rv living, working remotely and require internet access (cellular). Since I was going to be in Memphis, I suggested she fly out and we go someplace along the trail where I can work and she can hike. We'll have 2-3 weeks.

    What I'm thinking:

    If I can find a couple rv park locations (with good cell signals) not too far (hour or less preferably) from a couple/few trail heads for day hikes, and maybe a couple overnight trips. She can drive out for day trips while I work, we can maybe do some overnight trips on weekends, or we'll get lucky and she'll join a local group for some hikes. It seems Asheville and Roanoke areas might be good options for this. Time frame is late May to early June. Georgia could also be an option, though I was thinking it may be too warm by then. Further north is harder to get to in our time frame, but not out of the question. We may want to end up in Roanoke or Charlottesville so she can catch a flight home.

    My question for those who know more than I do (about everyone here), are those reasonable locations for easy to moderate difficulty day hikes? Are there other locations I should be looking into? The area between Hampton and Damascus looks interesting, but likely harder for me to work. Am I hoping for too much to get both work and trail access?


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    You may have to adjust your carrier to suit the RV Park location. WiFi seems to be a standard feature of RV Parks these days.

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    Default Some ideas

    As far as easy and proximal RV campground (CG) access to the AT, Hot Springs, NC, Erwin, TN, Damascus, VA and Wytheville, VA come to mind. The AT passes directly by the riverside CF for the Hot Springs Resort and they have some sites with full hookups. A commercial CG just upriver from Uncle Johnny's Hostel in Erwin is a nice spot. I believe it's the Nolichucky River Campground and the AT goes pretty much right by it, too, as it proceeds NOBO from Uncle Johnny's. There's a nice Tennessee State Park at Roan Mountain and I believe its CG has some full hookup sites. It's located around 6 miles from the AT crossing at Carver's Gap. Damascus has, or used to have, a little commercial RV CG right in town, but I don't know the name of it or if it's still in business. The Forest Service CG at Grindstone, at the foot of Mount Rogers and a mile or three from the AT crossing at Fox Creek on SR 603 is a very nice CG with full hookups. Lastly, a Forest Service CG is at Stony Creek, maybe 6 miles out of Wytheville, and it has some full hookup sites. The Stony Creek CG is just a short distance from Bland, VA, maybe 8-10 miles, and the AT can be accessed most readily there.

    As to cell signal strength, I've been a Verizon user for years and recollection tells me I've had fair reception in Hot Springs and at the Nolichucky River CGs, great reception in Damascus, fair to poor at Grindstone, and great at Stony Creek.

    As far as accessing trailheads, it might be worthwhile to look into the many shuttle services in locations like Hot Springs, Erwin, and Damascus. I believe there's a well-known and reliable shuttler in Bland, too.

    Good luck with the planning. Seems like a mighty nice way to spend time with and to support your Mom.


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    There is a RV park in SNP. It's right on the trail. If you google "I-81 RV parks" they are all within distance.

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    SNP is a great option. As well, the AT follows the BRP prior to hitting SNP for over 100 miles and prior to that it passes over i81 a couple times.
    As others have stated, the trail goes thru Hot Springs, Erwin and Damascus where an RV could be stationed.
    There is also an RV park called Rocky Hollow Horse Camp at the northern end of Grayson Highland State park which is a highlight of the southern AT.

    Your biggest problem is going to be finding cell service. Even the town of Hot Springs is notorious for not having cell service.

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    This has helped my wife and me:

    I didn't pay this much! Maybe eBay?

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    BearDen Campground in Spruce Pine NC might be a place to consider. Camp sites to basic cabins to RVs. Wifi hotspots.

    The AT in the South (especially north of the Smokies to MT Rogers) are pretty graded and well managed. MST and Pisgah NF Trails are a bit rougher.

    Verizon or Carolina West are usually the best TN/NC mountain cell coverage.
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