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    Default Lightweight Leash for your pup

    Hi Everyone!

    I was in need of a super light dog leash that took up minimal room for hiking with my best buddy Marvin. When we hike, I like to let him go off leash until we see other people on the trail, then I’ll call him over to hook him up until we pass the other group. I have one of those really sturdy rope leashes that we would always take on our hikes. Due to the way we hike, I end up carrying that big bulky awkward rope leash for the majority of the time while he prances around sniffing chipmunk holes with his big beak.

    I decided the fix the problem by building a lightweight packable dog leash out of 7/64th inch Amsteel rope. This is the stuff that the hammock guys are using for whoopie slings and continuous loops to hang their hammocks, so it’s very strong and durable. Marvin and I have been personally testing ours all winter, and it’s been a huge success! The leash is so small and unnoticeable when rolled up it fits right in my belt pocket, and if we’re on the city trails here in Pittsburgh, I usually keep it coiled around my hand or in my jacket pocket for quick deployment.

    I wanted to share in hopes that some of you on whiteblaze could also benefit from a super light and super packable leash. Because this is a side hustle for me and not my main gig, I decided to let Amazon handle the warehousing and shipping logistics. I'd like to continue posting here, so I won't post a direct link. They’re very easy to find on Amazon by searching for “Mocha Marvin Leash” or just “Mocha Marvin,” and they are a Prime item!

    Here are some photos:

    Yes, this is my crotch shot (you’re welcome!)

    Mocha Marvin at Raccoon Creek State Park

    Mocha Marvin knocked out on the North Country Trail in ANF

    Oh, and if you’re wondering why I called them “Mocha Marvin,” it’s because of a nickname Marvie ended up with. So, I own a food truck here in Pittsburgh called Java Jeffrey Coffee, which got its name when I was throwing around the idea for a specialty coffee food truck, and my sister started calling me Java Jeffrey. The name stuck, and by extension we started calling Marvin “Mocha Marvin.”

    I hope some of you will benefit from the leashes just like we do! Thank you!

    Jeff and Marv

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    Default could save weight by using a simple UL beener on one end of a 10’ piece of zingit or reflectix either works well with a bowline loop on end for hand hold.

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