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Thread: rescue whistle

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    Blade of grass, slip of plastique.

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    Though you may call in some turkeys to the rescue

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    When I section hiked with a friend we often hiked apart due to different paces but used whistles to
    stay in touch. 1 toot and a response was just a "still here" signal - kind of like a network ping. 2 toots
    from the trailing hiker was a signal to the lead hiker to stop and hold position. 3 toots from either hiker
    was a "something's up - move to each other" signal. Of course, if you get separated by much, whistles
    are hard to hear - especially on a windy day. But this still worked reasonable well for us.

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    I've used my rescue whistle to locate SAR.

    I think every hiker should carry a quality pealess whistle.

    Also if your injured, it's difficult to scream. It's much easier to blow a whistle and make an effective signal.

    I think my ACR signal whistle weighs .20 oz

    It's an essential piece of kit in my opinion.

    Same with a decent light.

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    A hiking buddy and I did an impartial (maybe), side-by-side comparison of my Vargo titanium whistle and his REI Tri-Power Safety whistle.

    Both whistles are loud and shrill but the Vargo whistle has more of a tonal quality while the REI whistle was more attention-getting because the pitch doesn’t stay the same throughout the “blow”. It sort of ululates which makes it very distinctive.

    (However, I suspect the hiking buddy wanted to win the Best Whistle Contest and didn’t use the same amount of force when demonstrating.)

    The Vargo whistle is lighter and comfortable to carry around the neck. The REI whistle is clipped to something, possibly making it difficult to use in certain situations.

    The Vargo whistle costs $10.95, the REI whistle is $5.

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