I am but a lowly section hiker, a peasant really. I bow at the feet of the mighty thrus and am thankful everyday when they acknowledge my existence. So knowing that I'll throw out whatever tiny crumbs of wisdom I can.

In all seriousness though (I'm in a weird mood today...sorry), see my input below.

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1. Iím set on using a canister stove. Theyíve never let me down.
Actually can't help out here too much as I use alcohol, but I can say that on most of the trail canisters are fairly easy to come by.

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2. When I backpack for short trips, I dig a cat hole 30-40 feet from my sleeping area, brush my teeth and spit there. What do you do on the AT where there are people everywhere? Where ya spit your toothpaste? Dumb question, I know.
I don't use toothpaste.

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3. Trail magic/angels - is it assumed all trail angels do what they do for free? Do any of them get offended if one was to tip? Or if someone offers a shuttle, do you try to tip?
I've gotten rides before, and do not offer tips. I have paid it back though by giving thrus rides into town.

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4. My hope is that I can stick with my tent most of the time. Not keen on shelters because I donít like mice...but get grumpy if I get no sleep from snorers. My hubby wears a Cpap mask at home...and if it werenít for that...well, Iím sure Iíd of put a pillow over his head.
Having said all that, it slate afternoon...I saunter into my expected stop for the night...and all tent pads are filled. If pads are all filled, do I have to move on, or can I pitch a tent somewhere...observing LNT of course.
This one depends on the lay of the land and the local regulations. In a good portion of the South (not including GSMNP and SNP) there are usually camp spots in close proximity to shelters where if you get to the shelter and it's full you can typically hike a little further up or back and find something. Often times you could just hike into the woods off trail and make camp too. There are many areas of the trail where camping is prohibited except for in designated spots (GSMNP, SNP, the White Mountains, MA, CT, and some other areas), and you would likely have to stay in the shelter there. As others have mentioned bring ear plugs. I also like to use a sleeping mask if I'm in a shelter because then people turning on their headlamps doesn't wake me up.

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5. Iím buying the Ursack plus the OPsak no odour bags. Curious, do I need to buy the Ursack Minor bag as well? Or can I get away with the no odour bags inside the Ursack?
Iíve been using the PCT method for a few years now...does the Ursack need to be hung PCT style, or can it be tied to a thick branch using the knots recommended by Ursack tutorial videos?
Can't offer a lot of input on this one other than to say that very few people use a Ursack on the AT. Most areas that have bear problems have storage provided (cables, boxes and/or poles). For areas that don't you can usually hang a normal sil-nylon drybag using the PCT method.