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    Default Any body know how to attach Ground pad attachment kit for hammock gear Econ quilts

    Any body know how to attach Ground pad attachment kit for hammock gear Econ quilts?
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    You attach the clips to both ends of the shock cord like in the image site below
    Then run the cord under your pad and attach to the clips on both sides of the quilt. tighten as necessary (finishing the tightening is best done when you're lying on your pad and ready). If at all, I only use one of these attachments (the middle one). They're a bit of a pain in the ass, and attaching 3 of them makes me feel like I might as well be in a bag. Attaching 1 in the middle is fairly easy to use, and I find is suitable for most draft protection

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    Had my HG20 out a few nights around 25-30 late fall with just base layer and 1 attachment, and it stayed pretty well and was quite warm
    One other tip with these quilts.... I use the cord right at the top of the quilt to tighten it up quite a bit. This makes the down concentrate a lot around your chest and neck. If you have a fairly wide quilt and don't condense it up top, the down will be spread too thin and migrate a bit toward the sides, and you'll get cold. Before I realized I needed to do this, I would get pretty cold in the bag when coming close to the temp limits

    if it's warm own, I loosen that all the way and shove some of the down to the side to keep me from overheating, and use it as a bit of an arm rest....

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