I'm starting to plan a northbound PCT-Oregon hike around July next year (about 5 weeks available).I have section hiked the AT doing multi week trips when I lived on the east coast. I moved to Portland Oregon almost two years ago, and this will be my first chance to do more than a weekend out west, so I'm excited to hike my new home state and have a few questions.

Starting location?
The closest access to the border is NF2025 on the Oregon side (about half a mile north of the border). I could walk south a few minutes to the border and then head north. This would be my preference, but I wanted to know about the road quality leading to the trailhead. My wife will be dropping me off and have to drive back to paved roads. We will be in a four wheel drive car, but she doesn't care for rough driving on poorly maintained unpaved roads. How long is the unpaved section to the trailhead and how good is the road quality? If NF2025 is difficult, the closest named road in the databook on the California side is 40S01 (about 5 miles south of border). Is it any better? If both are difficult drives, I will start in Seiad Valley and just do a couple days of CA before hitting the border.

Cell phone coverage?
I will need to check in with home every day or two, is this practical with a cellphone on the Oregon-PCT (I have Verizon service)? If not, I was thinking of getting a Garmin Inreach Explorer. I have resisted adding the weight previously, but if it gives my family peace of mind, it will be worth it.

I never bothered with maildrops or a bounce box on the AT, but the PCT databook and other information I've reviewed so far make me think that resupply options are more limited on the PCT. Assuming I don't want to carry more than 5 days (~100 miles) of food, are the food options at the stores along the trail adequate? How about canister fuel? I'm hoping to stick with resupply options within two miles of the trail and avoid hitching if possible.

Other gear?
I plan on using basically, the same gear that worked for me on the AT. The reading I've noticed suggesting different gear related to the high mountains and desert. Since I'm just doing Oregon in July, that shouldn't be a factor. I will still see some snow, but don't expect to need microspikes or crampons (although I own both). I have a bear canister, but would prefer avoiding the extra weight. I could get an Ursack as a mid-weight option, but I expect that bear bagging a normal stuff sack would be sufficient. Is that reasonable? I plan on carrying the data book Oregon section and have guthook's app on my phone. I rarely felt the need for actual maps on the AT (just the AWOL guide or similar), but the info I read suggest maps are more likely to be needed on PCT.
Any other changes to consider?

Thanks in advance for any helpful advice.