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    Default Colorado Thru Hike Video

    I've posted a couple of videos of my CT thru hike I did last July 2017. This is a like to the second one I posted.

    I am no pro at this and this is the first time I've ever post on YouTube. I hope you enjoy it.

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    Oh, forgot to say the movies were taken with my Samsung Galaxy cell phone in that link. They are also more or less in order from Denver to Durango.

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    Thanks for sharing your hike! I love that trail. I never get tired of seeing it again from the perspective of others. It helps me remember just how beautiful it is out there

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    Bringeth back memories.
    Thanks for sharing
    "Inevitably, a long distance hiker must choose between travelling light, and not travelling at all." - Earl V. Shaffer

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    I am glad you both enjoyed the video, Colorado is a special place.

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