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    Default Anyone ever tried a Klymit insulated pad with a down quilt?

    I'm researching Klymit pads, the insulated ones in particular. Has anyone ever used these pads with a quilt? I'm wondering whether the rather large baffles would allow cold from the ground to seep in between the baffle grooves when using a quilt (which of course would have no bottom insulation). Any insights would be much appreciated.

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    This is an intriguing question, and I'd be interested to find out as well ... and there's a way to test this empirically - buy the items and test yourself. If you're a costco member, they'll take the stuff back, though I don't think you should buy them with the intent of "renting" them for free. If it works as you hoped, you should keep it. So that's the empirical angle.

    One can also use some armchair reasoning to gain insight as well. The baffle grooves have no insulation of their own. It's a thin weld at that point. I'm not sure if it's Klymit fans or Klymit itself, but the idea is that one's sleeping bag insulation fills in these grooves, so (for the insulated pad) you have insulation inside the pad within the peaks, and insulation from your own sleeping bag in the valleys.

    I'm not so sure your sleeping bag fills in these valleys very much. Loose down would, of course, but the shell of the bag probably doesn't expand into the gap. It probably lays across it, like a suspension bridge, very slight dip in the middle, but otherwise, not dropping down to fill in the valley. On the underside, if there's nothing there, you have a little air between the underside of the weld and the tent floor. Both the topside and underside grooves may be susceptible to cold air coming in from the sides.

    I have wondered whether wrapping the Static V2 (uninsulated) pad in a down throw would provide good insulation. But I never tried it. For one thing, it would be hard to keep the throw in place as I shift about through the night. For another, the insulated version of the pad weighs less than the V2 plus a down throw. Maybe 8oz less. It's also more compact than the other combo. So there's little reason to wrap the v2 in a down throw if insulation is what you're after. Just buy the insulated model.

    Wrapping the insulated version in a down throw, well, that might increase R value, but do you need that if you're already at 4.4? Maybe in bitter cold, but short of that, I'm not so sure.

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