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    thanks again for all the advice... I used a heavy duty contractor trash bag, the thick ones and that's what ended up with a ton of pin holes... it was after using it for a little while but I still lost my trust in it. Is a "trash compactor liner" the same thing pretty much?

    I really found it to be a pain packing with a liner for the entire bag and then it ended up leaking anyway... I was thinking about making a pack cover with some tyvek that would double as an extra tarp and keep any driving rain out of the bag... even though it's supposed to be "highly water resistent" I found that to not exactly be the case.

    Do you think going with a pack cover and eliminating the liner is a bad idea? ... considering I do have the dry sacs for everything to
    A contractor bag is not the same as a trash compactor bag . Not a big expense to try one . Oven cooking bag work well to.


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    That's going to be well over 30-35 with food water. ALOT of things you won't need. Too much clothes, etc. but you'll have to learn most of this your self.
    I would list everything I would ditch but most people are adamant about needing things before they hit the trail.

    Start with that, hit Neels Gap and get a shakedown.

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    Are there any [places you can Hike at right now? I know you got pounded recently, but if you can get out for 2-3 days with the weight you can find out for yourself what you need and don't need. Also try to get out when the temperature rises for a different test. They say that people will pack for their fears. Getting out will test those fears.

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