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Thread: Fruitcake?

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    Don't be afraid to bake your own. It's relatively easy, just add on the final step of basting a liquor spiked simple syrup until it gets saturated but not sticky. I've done it twice and will probably do it again now that I'm craving it.

    And using actual dried fruit & nuts is soooooo much better than the weird diced neon fruit-like mixture that gets sold like a little DIY kit.

    Happy baking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Feral Bill View Post
    Anyone here remember Logan Bread? Named after a peak in, I think, the Yukon. It was very dense and sticky with nuts but, IIRC, no fruit. I recall it coming in half pound blocks, each having about a million calories. Tasty, too. So I looked it up, and recipes abound. Hmmmmm?
    I made some a couple of months ago just to try it. I followed the "original" recipe. I like fruit cake better.
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