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    Default CNOC Outdoors Vecto Water Container

    I realize that this product hasn't gotten into the public's hand yet, but going off of the descriptions, overviews and reviews in the below links, what do some of you guys think about this new water container? Anyone think it'll be a valuable addition to the current offerings already out there?

    After a 3 day section earlier this month, I became frustrated with trying to fill up the Sawyer pouch efficiently while my friend easily and quickly collected water with his Platypus wide-mouth opening. After seeing Darwin's videos of him switching from his beloved Platypus to this Vecto container, I decided $15 was worth the try and preordered for a December arrival. I'd like to give an update once I get it but just wanted to see if anyone else out there had heard of this one yet since I didn't find anything in a Whiteblaze search.

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    It isn't enough of an improvement for me over my Platy Big Zip which has the same closure mechanism and the same opening. But for someone who didn't already have such a bag, those features are mighty worth it.

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