Hello everyone! I am an avid camper, hunter, fisherman who is more equipped to be outdoors than indoors.......but this is my first trip to the AT. Really excited! We are just doing a small trip to start. I have read what I can but I just rather have expert advise from the WhiteBlaze community. If my group starts at Hogpen on 348 late one evening can we go several hundred yards down the trail and set up camp? I think the rules are to camp 100 yards away from main trail... Then somewhere between Neels Gap and Blood Mtn. we would like to off trail camp... then somewhere around Woody off trail camp... We very well may enjoy camping at one of the shelters for some good community conversation but our group is going just to relax and slow walk and have fun hanging out. Im a little confused on camp fires but from what Ive read I think they are Banned in this area...Correct? Many Thanks for any advise!!