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    I would like to hike either Harpers Ferry to Duncannon or Duncannon to Delaware Water Gap this fall. Hope to do it with a buddy which may make shuttling easier in addition to the fun of a shared adventure. I am available before October 22 or after the 30th. Will fly to/from D.C., Harrisburg, or Newark, unless I can meet someone to share a good portion of a vehicle ride. I can reasonably do 12-15 miles and more if terrain is good, per day but will be happy with as little as 8 if we agree to that. Glad to chat with anyone about this, newbies included if you will be in physical shape to walk 8 miles every day.

    I don't have the distances handy right now but I expect either of these two sections can be walked in 2 weeks and having airport connections near these three trail towns makes these two sections doable by flying. I don't care whether we go north or south either. I just want to find a buddy that won't bail out the 2nd or 3rd day for various problems and ailments like I have had in the past on my Whiteblaze meetups. I've only had 2 good Meetup partners and had 3 that were not prepared so they quit on day 1, 2 and 3 while I continued solo. Once I happened to find people to hike with but other times never really got a good buddy on the trail. I'm not a "needy" person, and I'm actually very quiet after the first few days, but tend to push too hard and when not part of a team.

    If I can't find someone this fall, I'll wait till next year to try, so let me know if you might go in 2018. I also will consider doing MA, VT, NH instead, but Oct. may be to late for there.

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    Regarding going too far on your own, I know this feeling too well. When I backpack with someone else, I stick with my plans about where approximately to stop each day or night. On my own, I tend to be push on, later in the day, looking for the perfect spot. If it were to work out and be helpful, convenient or fun, I need to finish 35 miles of your Duncannon to DWG part (for me, PA sections 1 & 2 - Lehigh Gap to DWG). However, like some others, I like to shuttle with others, camp and chat with others, and do hike with others on & off during the day, but do best if I HMOH for long periods. Overall mileage is not an issue for me, but if you are not aware, the rocks get bad at some point between Hawk Mt and Lehigh Gap. Depending on how your plans go, and other responses, send me a private message if you want to work out dates and such.
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    No luck with this for a fall trip. Will try again in the spring by bumping up the original post. If no luck, I'll just head out later when time frame assures me of a few long distance folks before the big thru bubble.

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