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    I hiked this section in May, and it was a great time. You'll love Grayson Highlands. Two most suprising things on that section of the trail: First, the ponies are NOT confined to GH, you'll start seeing them well before. Second was the grazing bands of longhorns. I'm from Indiana, and when you see a bull, the hair sort of stands up on the back of your neck. I was unafraid of the ponies, but when I got to the cattle, I stood there for a couple minutes thinking "I'm gonna get gored!" but then reality set in and I thought "how many hikers walk right through here every day? I've never heard of anyone getting gored. So I started down the path, and the cattle just parted for me like the Red Sea. Fun memory.
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    Yes, ponies and horseback riders and hikers and long horn cattle---the Mt Rogers backcountry is what I call a Mammal Effluvia Zone. Puked my guts out repeatedly all night by my tent near Elk Garden in 1984 after drinking some bad water w/o treating. Always treat your water in the crest zone!!

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