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    Quote Originally Posted by Just Bill View Post
    Simple math on it- about 20 days even to make up 120 miles- he's looking mid to upper 50's average to pull it out.
    In another thread, I was joking about how the difference (in minutes) of Joe's posted finish time could affect the outcome (it's since changed to 45d12h15m on his Instagram). If Joey's health improves, if thousands of other factors play in his favor, could it be that close? Rough numbers show Joey about 3.5 days behind and under 1000 miles to go:
    ~milepost ~hour diff.
    272 +17
    353 +24.5
    446 +9.5
    609 +24.5
    826 +55
    1057 +84
    1211 +85
    Joe could very well be out of reach at this point, but the dramatic fluctuations in time (above) show that it may not be over just yet. Joey is about to enter the section of trail where Joe was hurt. As is the disadvantage of any predecessor: Joe's performance down south is locked in time, like a target in a firing range (albeit a fast moving one).
    Fast, Light & Free On the Appalachian Trail The story of a self-supported hike in less than 60 days.

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    No Instagram or mapalist pin for a day or two now... Hope he's alright.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rmcpeak View Post
    No Instagram or mapalist pin for a day or two now... Hope he's alright.
    Talked to him yesterday afternoon. Not sure what's up with the spot I forgot to ask him. He does have that stupid trace thing.

    He's shooting to finish at the very least. FKT or not. He was feeling decent physically overall.
    This was always about his best time not the record. FKT is not off his radar but he doesn't want to push so hard he endangers a finish.

    That's about the most non-specific update I can give specifically.

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    Great fun for sure

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    Joey is at ca Symms Gap 647 mile from springer at 35 d 10 hr 49 min. or an hour+ short of 10 days from Stringbean's record.
    Near the end, maybe the last two days, 65 mi/day should be possible. Joey has not shown any ability to do this for the next 8. Looks like 2 days +/- short of the new fkt.

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    Dudes still trucking.

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    Yar... doing really well.

    Catching Stringbean probably ain't happening- but he's looking very good for a sub 50, maybe even 48 depending on how it goes and how he feels.
    About a week to go.

    I've been laying low on it just letting him go and see what happens.. he had some very big days and closed the lead a bit... but coming back from the torn quad and pulling the overall was too much.
    It got to the point where he could risk it all and likely bust out or pace himself a bit to finish. And he really wanted to finish more than anything and do his best.

    Sub 50 is still pretty unreal in my book... and 48 self-supported after tearing a quad is just two days behind Jurek (licensed Physical therapist I believe with everything he needed to treat that injury).

    He tried compression sleeves and a few other things but ultimately ended up using duct tape to hold his quad together. That's pretty badass in my book doing MacGuyver PT work while putting down 40-50 MPD on top of it.

    He's got some trench foot going again now and is dealing with Erma and potentially Jose... so still nothing guaranteed but Joey is holding on for sure.
    He got a few good dry days, but not the nice autumn we've had in the midwest by any means.
    If he gets a whiff of the barn or feels good I wouldn't be surprised to see him rip off some more 60's.

    We'll see how it shakes out but he might post the fastest midpoint to springer time to date. (supported or unsupported).
    Joey is a beast for sure... and still happily rooting for him to keep kicking his own ass.

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    He is quite animated and self deprecating which automatically makes him awesome

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