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    OK.. here's my plan...

    I have a stuff sack full of.. stuff sacks. I have a few very small Sea2Summit bags that are just a tad too small for the InReach, but good enough to see that it will work. I've been making round bottom stuff sacks for my various cook kits so I am going to sew two of them the right size for the InReach. I am also making two mesh water bottle holders for the shoulder straps since I recently changed my water filtration and storage.

    In the interim, I am going to ranger band the small stuff sack to the shoulder strap..
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    I just got my inReach and plan to use a belt pouch for it. I've used GPSs before and while they claim a clear view of sky with antenna unobstructed are needed, I've had them buried in packs and thick down parka pockets (inside pocket to keep from freezing in -35) and they still keep a signal. I'll be interested to see how well the inReach can do that.

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