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Thread: Bear spray.

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    Two things.

    1) Just a reminder to everyone, the law in NJ is not clear about whether carrying bear spray is legal or illegal in NJ. Personally my interpretation is that it would be fine but you can always call the local park officer to be sure.

    2) Stumbling . . you say that it was the first such fatality in NJ in 17 years. I had heard it was the first one ever in NJ. Can you tell me the one that occurred 17 years ago?

    Quote Originally Posted by Stumbling Bear View Post
    I carry bear spray on every hike but I've never needed it. (It's more for my wife's peace of mind than mine.)

    I also carry one of those new "sound grenades" which cost only $10 and emit a high decibel sound.

    However, I make so much noise in the woods I have never seen a bear or any wild animal for that matter. Even the squirrels and birds seem to disappear when I'm out there.

    On the other hand, there was a hiker killed by a black bear in West Milford, N.J. - which is the next town over - about two years ago. But it was the first such fatality in N.J. in 17 years.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bamadog View Post
    Do I need bear spray?
    Don't listen to other people. Carry it if you want to.
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    Well somers515 it appears you are correct about bear fatalities in New Jersey.

    The initial reports I read online said it was the first such fatality in N.J. in 17 years. Now those same reports have been changed to read first "confirmed" fatality in N.J. history.

    I always say: Don't believe ANYTHING you read online.

    Should have taken my own advice!
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