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    Default Mountainsmith K-9 Dog Pack on Massdrop

    Does anyone have any experience (good or bad) with these packs?

    Very reasonably priced on Massdrop right now. I'm looking into options so my dog can carry his own food and whatnot on some trips.

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    Looks like you can get the medium in black on Amazon for $1 more with no wait and free shipping.....

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    Have one for my Great Dane Scooby, had it for two years or so. No really long distance hikes, 3-5 miles each trip mostly. He loves it. Fits well, durable, tons of room for water and snacks with collapsible bowls. Just got another Dane and will be getting her a pack of her own when she gets a bit bigger.

    Scoob knows what "want to go hike" means and goes nuts when he sees his pack come out.

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    My Golden Retriever - Lab mix pooches have had their Mountainsmith packs for 5 years now and I have only good things to say about our experiences with this brand. Not the lightest pack, but definitely durable. My pups have never had any rubbing issues with their packs, they have held up extremely well, and I have never had any issues of having the pack fall apart mid-hike (we are out hiking/backpacking year-round)

    I think it would depend on what features you were looking for in a pack (pack that is detachable from a harness, etc). I think it would also depend on what type of dog you are outfitting with a pack.

    If you have any outfitters nearby, you might check to see if any sell Mountainsmith packs. I was lucky enough to be able to take my dogs in to get packs that fit them (one is built like a slender lab, the other has a Golden frame) and make sure these packs would fit them right.

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