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    Default Shuttle for BMT thru-hike

    I had transportation lined up from the northern to southern terminus of the BMT for mid-April, but it has gotten a little iffy due to too many of the various animals on my cousin's farm being 'with child' but declining to announce their precise due dates. I feel some discomfort with having my ride depend on the whims of either a cow or a goat.

    Does anyone offer a shuttle for the entire BMT? All I have seen advertised are for shorter distances. I want to travel northbound, but am flexible about which end I park at, so I could do the shuttle in mid-April, preferable, or early to mid-May, in the opposite direction.

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    Try Donald, 772-321-0905

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    Pretty much any AT shuttle driver who shuttles from Springer to Davenport Gap would do it. Check the AT shuttle list.

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    Ron Brown is a great shuttle driver. Recommended.

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    My understanding is that you can park at Standing Bear Hostel, and they will shuttle you to Springer. Not sure what they charge.

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    Default Davenport Gap to Springer Mountain

    Walk in the Wild is shuttling me tentatively on April 19. If any one is interested in sharing a ride for all or part of it to share costs, let me know. I am able to be flexible on dates, give or take a day or two before or after.

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