DENVER – Lawmakers in the Capitol started Monday by remembering the life of Gudrun “Gudy” Gaskill and celebrating the fruit of her labor: the Colorado Trail, which spans more than 500 miles and connects Durango with Denver. Several lawmakers shared experiences on the trail and the public lands it crosses. Sen. Don Coram, R-Montrose, said he spent his boyhood summers on what is now the Colorado Trail, and he always felt touched by the area’s beauty. “It is truly magnificent, and I hope you all have the opportunity to traverse that trail,” he said. Rep. Barbara McLachlan, D-Durango, echoed Coram’s sentiment and also pointed out the effect Gaskill had on Durango and the area. “Gudy changed Durango. She brought us tourism. She made people aware of the trails that go in there,” McLachlan said. A slideshow of areas along the trail was presented to the two chambers, which sparked a confession from Rep. James Wilson, R-Salida, on the more pleasant ways he would rather spend his time than in the Capitol halls. “Colleagues don’t take this personal, but watching this slideshow reminded me of why I don’t like to be here,” Wilson said.