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    Okay so I'm intrigued by DIY synthetic quilts, and was wonder if any of you guys have made one, and to what temperature yours is comfortable/ safe to, and if I would be able to use one on the Pct? (Run on sentence I know)

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    I made a "karo step" quilt following the advice of Joe Brewer's youtube vids. 3" of loft with 1lb of 900 fill down. Came in at 17oz and I'm comfortable (I'm a warm sleeper) with full length upper and lower base layer down to freezing.

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    Sorry, that is sleeping in a tent (tarptent moment dw)

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    I made a quilt using 6oz Climashield Apex from Outdoor Wilderness Fabrics. The coldest I've used it is 27 on the JMT. After 5yrs, it's lost a little loft, but I was still toasty last month at 38. I wouldn't hesitate to use it on the PCT.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Puddle sleeper View Post
    . . . and if I would be able to use one on the Pct? (Run on sentence I know)
    I don't know.

    Maybe you could take the lead from someone else that, although apparently difficult to deal with as a business partner, has spent more time backpacking and traveling the world than most anyone active on this site will ever have time for. . .

    To actually answer your question. Of course you can make a quilt that will be completely appropriate for the PCT or pretty much anywhere else you want to travel.
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    Thanks for the link. I'm wondering about their warmth/weight claims.

    The batting they use is easier to work with, though I thought the current weight /warmth was 550 equivalent?

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