So after a hiatus from outdoorsy adventures while buying a house, repairing said house, and then a car accident... I'm headed back out alone.

My last trip was a three day trip where I conquered my fears of backpacking alone and fell in love with it. My husband knows how important roaming the woods is to my mental and spiritual health and decided to make it possible for me to get out once a month. I did this three years ago and managed to keep it going for 16 months. I am so excited to get this going in my life again!

I am heading out this weekend for a quick out and back at a local trail system and I cannot wait! Less than 24 hours to go! My mind is racing with the gear choices, what book to download, what journal I want to bring, which camera, and all of the wonderful nitty gritty choices that we all seem to find as part of the joy. A day and night of blessed silence and time with nature and my dogs. A beautiful break from my office life where I surf white blaze and other such forums between clients!

I will keep this little thread going as I get my gear ready and on through my trip via the tapatalk app.