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    Default Worlds End SP and Loyalsock State Forest (PA)


    I recently hiked to some little known places at Worlds End State Park and Loyalsock State Forest. It was very beautiful. The Sawtooth Trail was awesome as it followed the crest of white conglomerate ledges, perfectly angled and straight to look like teeth on a saw. The bedrock was milky white and tinged with moss. The forests were beautiful with hemlock, moss and ground pine. There were ice flows and dripping springs, deep chasms. Cold Run had several waterfalls and cascades tumbling down a steep gorge with some colorful rock outcrops. Vinegar Run had unique Turtle Rock and some beautiful cascades, with cliffs, ledges, and rhododendron. Awesome hike.

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    Nice photography! That place is kinda magical. It's been a few years since I've been up there.

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    Thanks, there is something special about Worlds End and the Loyalsock.

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    I hiked that trail back in the early 80's.
    Beautiful place.
    Is Porgy's den still there?
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    Love that park. We bike it, hike it and boat it.

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    Thanks for sharing your pics are beautiful. Loyal sock has been on my Bucket list for awhile now.

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    A report to Angel Falls and Ketchum Run Gorge in the Loyalsock


    I recently met up with some friends to do some hiking in the Loyalsock State Forest (PA). We visited two beautiful places-Angel Falls and Ketchum Run Gorge, followed by a sunset at High Knob Overlook. The waterfalls were beautiful. Angel Falls is about 70 feet tall and was framed by small icicles. There were also many large, old growth tulip poplar trees. Ketchum Run has a scenic gorge with a collection of falls and grottos. We were not able to hike down to Rodes Falls on Ketchum Run due to the ice, and fading daylight. Afterwards we drove to High Knob to take in a beautiful, but frigid, sunset. Great hike.

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    A backpack trip on a medley of trails in the Loyalsock featuring the diverse scenery of the area, including waterfalls, vistas, gorges, and rock formations. Great trip.

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