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Thread: Pct backpack

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hikingjim View Post
    From the Survey:

    More of this class’s favorite gear items were:

    ULA circuit

    LEAST LIKED BACKPACKS: Osprey Atmos AG 65, ULA Circuit

    Some "circuitous" reasoning above.

    But really, people like/don't like those packs because a ton of people use them and it's somewhat divided (same with the zpacks ones), and people don't like EE rev if it's used in too cold of temps without proper gear, or if it's damp
    I drew the conclusion because they tried to carry the average 20 lb basewt in a circuit, that the website will say....under 12 lbs recommended, or at least it used to.

    Basically same thing you see here every day, people wanting to use UL or lightweight packs, to carry fairly heavy 15-20 base weights , because they only plan to carry 3 or 4 days food.

    I like my circuit to about 26. Its sucky at 31-32. In between, its varying degrees of suckiness. But...the website claims 35, and some dude on facebook said he carried 45, so people with 20lb base wts pick it to save 1lb . Even though the ULA site for base under 12 lbs..or at least it used to several yrs ago.
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    yeah, the site recommends 15 base weight and under 30 overall, so not so good with 20 lbs base when you resupply and/or load a ton of water

    Anecdotally, I just used a circuit on a short winter hike and started with 30 lbs and it was decent. Wouldn't want to go much higher though

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    Quote Originally Posted by Venchka View Post
    My point: Gear weight has dropped over the years. 20 years ago pack weights were higher. People surveyed.
    A 10 pound load might be nice for some folks. Not required.

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    Yes, more gear choices now that are lighter wt than 20 yrs ago. Experienced hikers/LDhikers, of which there were more of as % of the total PCT thru-hiker yearly class several yrs ago, would also tend to have evolved to lighter wt kits than those doing their first LD hike. With more PCT thru-hike attempters/thru-hikers doing the PCT as their first LD hikes it has an uptick in kit wts too!This has an effect on recent surveys attempting to profile PCT thru-hikers. In short, first time LD hikers strongly tend toward heavier wt kits and heavier consumable hauls compared to more 'evolved' LD hikers.

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