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Thread: 2017 numbers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by trailmercury View Post
    An option for Springer NoBo AT overcrowding,
    Make the traditional AT and the BMT as both "official" routes down south, and let folks register for one or the other,
    By the end of GSMNP, the health hazard is much less of a concern anyway, correct?
    Crowds are thinned/spread out significantly by then.
    Actually norovirus tends to break out north of the gsmnp.Like Erwin.
    Maybe its warmer condition, maybe people become less hygenic after a month.

    Increasing capacity on south end...does nothing for BSP, which is approaching limit.

    Getting people to spread out best addresses this. Which is why ATC has pursued present strategy. If they dont spread out, they will be forced at some point. So they should do the right thing for those that follow.
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