Right now I have a old 1.2lt aluminium pot which I pack with my Esbit stove, some spare packs of Esbit fuel, a lighter and some tea/coffe bags to fill the void.
A plastic cup with lid is separate.
Both this items are roomy and dont fit well into the bag.
I'm not really cooking, but only heating water for tea/coffe and to rehydrate the freezedried meals.

Now I'm looking for a pot/cup combo that fits better into the bag, can host my Esbit stuff and might be a bit lighter than the stuff I carry now.
I think that the water boiling capacity should be about 0.5lt, and the cup shouldn't be smaller than 0.35lt. For both items a lid is mandatory (the lid of the cup should fit tight and waterproof).

My idea is, that the shape of the pot should be obround or elliptical, to meet my needs better.

The cup and the pot could be just one item, but I'm afraid there are contradicting demands (insulation for the cup, tranferring the heat for the pot).
I know the MSR stuff where the round pot can host one or more sector-shaped cups. Basically this gave me the idea to ask for the above.