Anyone in the Southeast Appalachians area:

I'm thinking of doing the Foothills Trail sometime in the next year, but my wanderlust is kicking in and I'm really thinking of doing it over my winter break (mid-December). I'm a little nervous about going in such cold temperatures, so I had some questions.

1.) Has anyone actually done this trail in the winter? I've heard its really water-logged, is it icy/dangerous? Is the trail high and cold or mainly low and in the forest?

2.) For anyone in the region, how cold does it get in this area? I guess comparable areas are anywhere in NC and TN, VA, GA...idk, any advice you have

3.) Whats the most essential gear for me to winterize? Obviously a warm sleeping bag, gloves, hat, down jackets and the lot, but does anyone have any tips for staying warm? I'm not a fan of the cold... but I'll do it for nature.