Older, female, experienced hiker planning a leisurely thru-hike of the 70-mile LHT 9/19 - 9/28. Averaging 8 mile days with a Zero Day at Kooser State Park on 9/24. Would love a hiking companion but hike isn't dependent on having one. Just nicer to share the views, trail experiences, and campsites with a fellow hiker. I have a ride to the trail from my home in the DC area, so if you can get to DC on 9/18 or early 9/19, you can ride to the Trailhead with me. Same for the return after the hike. Because of trail conditions, some backpacking experience is required, but I have introduced many to the joys of backpacking over the years, so I'm a patient companion if you're looking to "try" a thru-hike.