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    Default Long distance Hiker PCT 2016

    Hello everybody, are there any SOBO long-distance hikers out there (2016)?

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    I was thinking about heading south from Cascade locks early July. Not sure how the snow conditions will be at that time though.

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    Hoping to make it through the Sierras by oct

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    Wish I was. My next PCT thru will be a SoBo. make sure you watch the snow levels in WA. It is looking to be a near record high and could either push the start date back or make for slow travel. THis may be a year where few if any SoBoers finish. In 2011 I believe there were only two SoBo finishers, one being Scott Williamson who set the speed record and was able to make it through the Sierra before the weather closed in.

    Postholer did an amazing job on his PCT snow page.

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    *raises hand* Me! Headed out SOBO around July 1. There's a fb page dedicated to 2016 SOBO PCT hikers, looks like there will be quite a few headed south this year around then!

    Of course, I really have no reference to numbers, so I'm not going to take a guess as to how many....

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