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    Question Looking for Good Campsite for a multi-day Stay

    I want to go to the forest for a while. Contrary to the usual reasons, my main reason for going is to have space to meditate for long periods of time. I will be traveling in the Maryland and New York area soon for other reasons and I was wondering if there might be a good campsite on the Appalachian Trail for what I want to do.

    The preferred conditions are:
    - Seclusion, or at least the ability to camp in a secluded spot in the area.
    - Treatable water source. Preferably a nice spring nearby if that's not too much to ask.
    - A food source that is not too far away, as in within say 10 miles, that I can resupply if I need. This can consist of a Wal-Mart, a town with a grocery store, or even if there is just an abundance of fruit trees and edible plants in the area, that would count.

    I'll be light backpacking to the area. No car.
    I realize some of these camp zones have stay limits, I'm assuming that the worst that would happen is that they will make you leave so that's not in the considerations unless this is super likely.

    I'm willing to consider anywhere that's good for this, my search isn't confined to the Maryland and New York area, heck not even to the AT.


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    Most AT sites have a 2 night stay. None in the area you describe could be called secluded in The warmer months. In some states, AT camping is only permitted at the designated sites. If you want a bit more freedom of choice, check out Trail states where the AT is on National Forest lands. In most locations in NF's you can camp anywhere 200ft from a trail or water source.


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    Try the Adirondacks. Or certain parts of the White Mountains, eg. trails deep in the Pemi wilderness area.

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    Harriman State Park has some places that might suit you. None are wilderness, but it's a good environment to sit and think. Weekdays are quietest. Consider Bald Rocks, Dutch Doctor, and Stockbridge shelters. You are required to camp at, but not in shelters. If you want, you can change locations as you please. Public transportation is good.
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