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    Very good, very sad read. Maybe....someone's life will be saved because of what Otter went through and shared.

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    No doubt that Otter was super competent, maybe one of the best. But analyses of such deaths detail not one, but a series of errors and circumstances that lead to the death. He turned in his Spot so he could have more money for hiking food. He was not clear about his route in talking to his friends. He lacked snowshoes or skis, even though storms were somewhat likely. A search was done with aircraft rather than with snowmobiles (one plane flew right over him but didn't see him). The jurisdiction of N Mex and Colo authorities got in the way of an effective search. The search was called off when a bearded man was seen in town, and assumed to be him (it wasn't). Despite all that, he lived for several months under horrible circumstances (mostly just waiting in a concrete privy in below zero conditions). Terrible tragedy. He was definitely not doing what he loved. He didn't want to be there.

    Anyway, great article in Outside. Read it.
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    I might add that a similar thing happened to an older lady who got turned around on the AT in Maine. She just got lost and died. Otter wasn't lost, but he was trapped. Same outcome.

    I take some interest in this just because I've come close a few times. Do enough stuff for enough years and you'll know what I mean...

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    I think one commonality between Otter and Geraldine's cases is that misidentification altered the search patterns. There was another female hiker misidentified as Geraldine and that made it seem that Geraldine was higher upslope. Projections of her possible position were too far ahead. In Otter's case, misidentification lessened the search effort.
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