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    Default Starting Flip-Flop Thru Hike May 5th (thursday) from Harper's Ferry

    Hello all,

    I am heading to Washington DC tomorrow, then picking up my hiking partner who is flying in from Quebec Wednesday morning. Neither of us have been to DC before, and we are going to take most of Wednesday seeing the sites and whatnot, then heading to Harper's Ferry that evening and staying at a hostel in town. If you would like to follow me I will link all of my pages down below.

    I would like to thank my sponsors for this year: Hill People Gear ( , Big Agnes (, Sawyer Products (, Death Wish Coffee (

    I look forward to seeing some friends from last year (we did a 700mile hike from springer, nobo) and meeting some new friends (hopefully some from here on (best place for daily videos and pics) (will put all videos on here) (spur of the moment pics and short videos)
    Twitter @chefgauf (will use this some, but is the least used by far) (Blog, will be putting gear reviews, and a few articles

    Thanks, and wish us luck... PLATYPUS AND FRENCHIE ARE BACK ON THE TRAIL SOON!!!!

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    I'll be starting my flip flop heading towards Harpers Ferry a few days later (from Pawling, New York) so I'll probably see you somewhere in Pennsylvania if you're heading north!

    A nice jaunt up the Washington Monument would be good preparation for the trail.
    AT Leapfrogging in 2016i (Central Virginia next)

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    Yea I plan on taking a few "jaunts" up the monument..... On the elevator lol.

    Yea we are heading north, hopefully we meet at a shelter one night, if not you'll see a little French Canadian, and a big redneck (me) (strangest hiking pair EVER) wearing either a green or blue shirt, say hi! Maybe we can take a break if we catch each other at the right time and chat.


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    Next time I want to spend that much on coffee, I'll Rage Against the Machine while sipping on some organic, shade grown, fair trade, lusciously rich Guatemalan coffee from small growers organized into cooperatives. Good luck on your hike though and kudos to you for getting sponsors.

    Btw, the youtube link you posted returns 404. Try this:

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