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    I was on a LCHF diet for about 18 or so months measuring my ketones daily with a NovaMax meter (blood). I also was doing a lot of endurance type activities. I also monitored glucose levels but not as closely.

    My interest was finding the maximum carbohydrates (type and quantity) that I could process during exercise and still remain in ketosis. I found that when I was in ketosis and fat adapted, it was virtually impossible for me to bonk even without eating. I could also eat more carbs during exercise and remain in ketosis than when in couch potato mode. I have no idea if a low carb high fat diet would work for a diabetic, it might be something to discuss with an open minded MD. The study that I link below.....those on LCHF either went off insulin or greatly reduced.

    Most of the foods that hikers eat are begging for an insulin resistance problem of some sort.


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    Quote Originally Posted by franky View Post
    Check out intermittent fasting. Fasting is great for guys in our boat - and once you ease into it, its not that bad. Check out Dr. Jason Fung, MD on YouTube and in print. Start with the Obesity Code.

    Watch Dr. Lustig's lecture on YouTube - Sugar, the Bitter Truth

    Since I never eat in the car, my eating urges don't get triggered and I can fast a long time behind the wheel. Being on the road you will be tempted by all those pre-packaged items you ca get at 7-11. Cut out the chips, candy, pretzels, fast food completely. Especially soda. And learn to drink your coffee with no sugar or artificial sweetener.

    So basically, the processed carbs like bread, pasta, chips, rice, fast food - just think of them all as sugar, because your body turns them all into sugar as soon as you eat them. As you learn to fast and learn to eat low carb, your weight will reduce and your T2D will improve. You may get to a point where your T2D is reversed completely. Good luck and be well.
    Yes! I have a friend who started eating low carb by following Wheat Belly after his doctor wanted him to start getting insulin injections because the other meds were "not working." He lost 40 lbs in a couple months, had his blood work redone, and his doctor was AMAZED. She said that if she didn't know he "had been diabetic" he would never know it. He eventually lost 100 lbs total and I remember how thrilled he was to be able to take his son sky diving for his 18th birthday!

    But "most medical doctors" and "diabetes counselors" would have you believe you can't reverse T2D. (I'm related to one of those!)

    A vigorous five-mile walk will do more good for an unhappy but otherwise healthy adult than all the medicine and psychology in the world. ~Paul Dudley White

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    Todays healthy lunch was fish on microwaved cheesy crackers You folks have got to try the microwaved cheese, ya just gotta!!!

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    Now we just need a alcohol microwave.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HankIV View Post
    Now we just need a alcohol microwave.
    We need to experiment dry baking the cheese on parchment paper using a small Starlyte type alcohol burner with a small opening

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