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    Default Winter Parking in Maine

    Do the parking areas on in Maine get plowed at all in the winter? A group of us were thinking of a three night trip and were thinking Route 27 (south) over Crocker MT or route 201 (North) as far as we can go in a day and half and then turn around and back to the car. We fully expect to have to shovel out the car if there is any snow wile we are out but wonder if there is even a legal place to park. Or do we need to find other parking arrangements? Down here in NH many do get plowed so the snow mobilers can use them then others just close till the snow is gone.


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    Mute question as there isn't any snow yet. Be ready for ice on the trail though.

    But if there were snow, can't really answer that. Not many go hike on the AT in Maine in the winter, so I would think if the parking is a pull off on the side of the road, there is a good chance they make a pass through it, other wise probably not.
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    Assuming there will be snow by Mid February, if it stays like it is now parking will not be a problem. I like the t's dotted and the I's crossed when it comes to winter camping.

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    Stratton parking area on 27 may be since that section of the AT gets used quite a bit. Rt 4 up by Rangely wasn't when I went by last year, but they had a lot of snow. Rt 26 parking area off Old Speck was open, bit it was a lot smaller. Most smaller road crossings won't get plowed at all.

    South from Crocker, huh? Crocker Cirque is probably an avalanche zone. No trees grow there for a good reason. The climb up Sugarloaf could be pretty sketchy, at least on the AT.

    Lots of people do the Bigelows in the Winter. That could be fun.

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    Grafton Notch appears to be plowed reliably in the winter.

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