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    Default Sleeping bag: what rating for May start at HF?


    I'm heading to Harper's Ferry in early May and going North from there. I tend to get hot easily (and have a lot of natural insulation) and the sleeping bag I have right now is really overkill. It's enormous and strapped on the back of my bag, it weighs 5 pounds and it's 0 degree. I'm also concerned about keeping that thing dry. I want to get a lighter, summer oriented one but I don't know what kind of temperatures to expect in the mid-atlantic at those altitudes. I'm on a budget and I'm eyeing the Marmot Nanowave 45 for $80. It's tiny and it's light, at least by my standards. What do you think?


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    I am from the Area and generally use a 40 deg bag from now into the fall. When its too warm I will use it like a quilt. I just ordered a 40 Deg EE quilt (should be on front door step now). Unfortunately, you would not have time to get one made before you leave. That bag should work. Here it is for $60.00.

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    A cheap 40 degree bag should be fine. It's already warm down there and it will get real hot, real quick. Walmart has a 40 degree synthetic bag which is reasonably light and compact for like $40 which would get you by.
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    Alright then, thanks for your advice! I'll either pick up a bag when I'm in the US or get the $60 deal shipped ahead of me.

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