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    Default CDT Google Map Updated

    By dumb luck I stumbled across the latest publicly available .kml for the CDT over at the CDTC web site. It's the 2012 version from USFS/Bearcreeksurvey, so it's only a little behind the most current.

    All of Bearcreeksurvey way points have been updated as well. Just select 'Waypoint' from the 'Location Type' drop list. The mileage waypoints were not added as they just clutter up the place.

    The updated map can be found here:


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    Pretty neat, but there are lots of differences between the latest Bearcreek maps. I guess a lot has changed in the past few years.

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    The CDT trace is now current.

    Over the last week I've been correcting the 2012 trace with the data and tools I have access to.

    See for yourself.

    As a rudimentary test use the google map with the way points turned on and see how they lay down on the trace. I loaded Bearcreeksurveys latest way points. It will give you a very graphic idea of what's going on. Note, the google map uses a trace increased to a minimum 30 feet between points. The extremely detailed data is overkill for the google map.

    One of the first things I did when I initially got the trace was create a complete set of map images for the entire trail. With the corrected trace done, I can now recreate the maps for distribution. Yes, they'll be free PDF's. You should have NM in your hands by the end of the week, 8.5x11, 1:40K scale, made with the same process as my other maps.

    Stay tuned.


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    Totally green here but holy cow! nice work / nice site!

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    Thank you.

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