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    Default Anyone have a good design for a Altoid Tin stove

    I recently purchased an "old school" USGI Canteen cup, wood stove/windscreen, a Nalgene brand Canteen and a carry pouch. The whole setup was cheap and figured I can use it on day hikes. The carry pouch has two side pockets that fit an Altoids tin perfectly. I wanted to make an alcohol stove, but the designs are odd compared to the typical "can stoves" I have seen. Some suggest putting fiberglass or perlite inside the tin, while others have an empty tin with traditional burner holes.

    Which way is better? Anyone use an Alcohol Altoids tin stove on the trail


    I Think the sheet of tin is overkill, the lid with a pressure hole and penny would do the same thing.

    For the record I already have a great lightweight Snowpeak Ti pot and various ultra lightweight cooking options, I am just curious about making an Altoids Tin Stove. Also it could help some Future AT thru hikers. Altoids Mints are sold almost everywhere for $2, about as much as a bottle of HEET. It would be nice if you could make another alcohol stove on the trail if there is no outfitter or sporting goods store around.

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