Hi there!

Just got back from hiking several sections of the AT within the Wilderness 100 section of Maine Barren Mountain, Borestone Mountain, Mt. Katahdin, etc.. Now I am even more excited to be hiking the Wilderness 100 from Monson to Katahdin in 2015.

The only issue - nobody I know is up for the challenge to join me. Prefer a mate(s) versus going solo. Let me know if you might be interested in joining me. There is ample time to chat, plan, train, and prepare. I have been told September is the best month due to less traffic, availability of lean-tos, and trail conditions.

I have studied, and now experienced, this amazing section of the AT and will continue to do so for the next 12 months. I met with an experienced and registered Maine guide who now operates an outfitting operation in Monson just a couple hundred yards from the AT. I am planning on staying at his cabins the day before, having him re-supply me at the mid-point (at Jo Mary Lake), and pick me up at Baxter State Park to return me to my car in Monson. Great guy! Great spot!

Some information about me:
- This will be my longest and toughest hike I am planning on doing about 10 a miles day for 10 days. The sections I hiked are slow going, especially with 5 days of food on the back.
- I like to enjoy the surroundings as much as the physical challenge. I take quite a few photographs.
- I am a 40-something guy in good shape. I work out at the gym not just on the trail. I am currently alternating cardio and strength training 5 to 6x a week.
- I am a good planner and I arrive prepared. I am serious, but know how to laugh - especially when things get a bit crazy.
- I am typically an avid day hiker and weekend backpacker.
- I live in Western New York near Buffalo. I primarily hike and backpack in the Alleghany mountains, the Adirondacks, and Finger Lakes.
- I am accustomed to bears, bugs, rain, and mud. The moose will indeed be a welcomed change of pace.

I would like to know if this sounds like something you are interested in.

Mark (aka Mile Marker)