I was hiking on the AT in Maine this summer and came across the strangest footprint. It was definitely a very large barefoot human print except that at the end of the toes, there were what looked like claw marks about 2 inches long. Very funny I thought, and walked on assuming someone was pulling a prank. After all, it was just one print. Then, about 100 feet later a saw another one, then a succession of about 6 or 7 of them, both left and right prints with the long claw marks in the front. I tried taking pictures, but it was a dark, wet day in the Maine woods and the pictures didn't look like anything, let alone footprints. All in all I probably saw 30 or 40 of the prints over about a mile and a half of trail, then they veered into the woods and disappeared. My hiking buddy was about 20 minutes behind me and when he arrived in camp I really thought twice about mentioning the prints to him out of fear that I had just let my imagination go wild on me. As soon as he arrived in camp he says, "You saw them, didn't you"? I don't think either of us slept much that night.